Muskie Hunting

Muskie World Record Expected

It’s likely if you’re looking here, you already know fishing on Lake of the Woods, Canada for muskie is WORLD CLASS and that the expected next world record will be caught from  Lake of the Woods.  The elusive, the challenging and renowned musky, muskie, muskelunnge or Esox Masquinongy is a hunter.  In order to catch one, you will need to be as cunning as the big one that you pursue.

Key for Big Muskie

Whitefish Bay, Lake of the Woods has the perfect conditions for muskie.  Steep rocky weedy reefs surrounded by deep water allow the muskie to ambush in the weeds.  Island shores with extended shelves and flat basins provide perfect settings for the powerful massive fish to zoom in on its prey. When they’re  not hunting, you’ll likely find them sunning on the numerous flat shallow rocks of reefs  that quickly drop into the deep water of Whitefish Bay, Lake of the Woods. The wide range of structure around Shehaweh Island and neighbouring islands is home to musky monsters!

Muskie NeighbourMuskie Fishing

Within a half a mile, the muskie, Bertha lives.  Her stomping grounds range in the west between two small islands which shelter a sandy bay, tapering to a rocky point, dropping off to 60’ deep  across a 200 yard channel.   This opens up to a flat that extends to a group of small islands,  encompassing her sunning shelf and open water with a gradual decline to 200’.  Her total backyard is about 10 acres.  Bertha has been sited many times, and many lucky anglers have had her on for a few seconds, and fewer managed to bring her to the boat.  Bertha has been living there, longer than we have owned the island, Shehaweh.  In our initial years, we heard of Bertha being caught and she was then 42” – 45”.  Some 15 years later, she was caught tipping the scales at 50 lbs just a bit south of 60”.  Bertha is still our closest neighbour.

Lake of the Woods, Canada Retreat

The seasoned muskie fisherman agree that September and October are the peak months to catch musky. Water temperatures drop and the muskie want to fatten up for winter. If you want to stay at a place that allows you to be on your spot in minutes without concern for night or day navigation, or fish right from the shore, we have a private island retreat surrounded by some of the biggest fish Lake of the Woods Canada has to offer.

Check it out and contact us for available dates and rates.  This is an exclusive offer as we are selling our island, and until it is sold, we will be sharing this exclusive muskie opportunity in the waters of Lake of the Woods, Canada.


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